About the Company

We’re Type A Media a boutique SEO company that works 4 days a week on some of the coolest sites on the web.

Armed with specced out Macbook’s & fancy Bose headphones we attack SEO from all angles, from 200 point forensic technical audits to keyword research and content gap analysis powered by machine learning to outreach and digital PR campaigns to get links in the biggest websites in the world

We’re powered by a private training suite of over 200 custom SEO videos that take a day and a half to consume….if you were mad enough to watch them all at the same time. We’re also powered by our gourmet coffee subscription, which is provided for free on top of a host of other office based perks.

Our office is in London Bridge next to a fancy gym, that you get access to for free, and is in close proximity to some of the best restaurants in London, which we take you and the team to once a month.

We’re not bothered about you having the perfect CV, we want someone who is the right cultural fit and wants to learn.


About The Job

This role is an entry level position and requires little working knowledge of SEO and digital marketing – just an intense interest in websites and Google works.

Everyone at Type A has a side hustle, whether that’s a full working business, an affiliate website or a personal blog. It’s important that the applicants have their own side interest, whether that’s something as simple as a personal blog or some freelance copywriting.


Initially you will be involved in supporting the team doing daily jobs like

  • researching journalists and helping build outreach lists
  • writing meta data
  • Editing client sites and adding links and content
  • Doing keyword research
  • Crawling websites
  • Learning the seo process
  • Getting certified with Google


Skills you should have

  • Be proficient with Excel
  • Have a general understanding of how the web works, in particular how Google basically ranks websites
  • Being self motivated and being able to work autonomously
  • Good at communicating and taking direction
  • Prefers to work things out for themselves instead of being prescribed a way of doing things


You should not apply for this job if

  • You want to be a writer
  • You want to be on social media all day
  • You want the adobe creative suite to be a part of your everyday
  • You are not technical or don’t like the technical part of how websites work
  • You never want to talk to clients or are scared of presenting your work
  • You want to work in a corporate setting with an expense account and a big infrastructure
  • You need lots of hand holding and direction


You should apply for this job if

  • You want to join a family like environment with a bunch of senior SEOs that are some of the best in the country
  • You want to learn about search and get involved in the community
  • You have a genuine interest in “looking under the hood” and working out how things work online
  • You want to run your own website and are fascinated about how to get it ranking


  • Very competitive salary
  • 4 day work week
  • High Spec Laptops and Fancy headphones
  • Some of the best coffee you’ve ever had
  • Pension Top Ups
  • Free Gym Membership


How to Apply

Send an email [email protected] with a link to your Linked In profile and let us know why you want to become a part of the team.