About the Company

We’re Type A Media a boutique SEO company that works 4 days a week on some of the coolest sites on the web.

Armed with specced out Macbook’s & fancy Bose headphones we attack SEO from all angles, from 200 point forensic technical audits to keyword research and content gap analysis powered by machine learning to outreach and digital PR campaigns to get links in the biggest websites in the world

We’re powered by a private training suite of over 200 custom SEO videos that take a day and a half to consume….if you were mad enough to watch them all at the same time. We’re also powered by our gourmet coffee subscription, which is provided for free on top of a host of other office based perks.

Our office is in London Bridge next to a fancy gym, that you get access to for free, and is in close proximity to some of the best restaurants in London, which we take you and the team to once a month.

We’re not bothered about you having the perfect CV, we want someone that’s intelligent, industrious and fun to be around.

About The Job

We are looking for a media project manager to run the day to day delivery of client work across the business.

At the moment we have a daily standup at 9:30 and work to a project management spreadsheet that runs like clockwork. The ideal applicant would be able to take over this role and support the head of SEO by liaising with clients and organising work internally and externally.

This would include answering client emails and requests, managing the daily flow of work, being confident enough to push back on work that is out of scope.

You will be taking over the project management responsibilities from the agency owner and helping to build out more of the professional services offered by the agency.

You will also be helping to shape and define process to get work done more efficiently and to define better workflows for the agency.

You should be able to

  • Confidently talk to clients
  • Lead internal teams, motivate and inspire them to get the most out of them
  • Be able to collect feedback and constructive criticisms and turn it into actionable tasks
  • Deliver to tight deadlines
  • Understand a scope of work and be confident enough to push back on the clients if they are
  • Write a statement of work
  • Plan in client deliverables with a team of technical experts
  • Manage the day to day client interactions and support the new business director in processing new sales by drafting SOWs and arranging financials (talking to finance about invoicing schedules, etc)

Skills and Knowledge You Should Have

  • You should be very good at excel and take pleasure in finding a particularly cool conditional formatting colour
  • Comfortable drafting management reports and reporting into the MD
  • You should have a broad understanding of SEO deliverables and how websites work (we don’t want an SEO expert – just someone who can talk to our clients about it)
  • You should understand the marketing mix, especially digital marketing

You should not apply for this job if

  • You’re a big picture person who skims over details
  • You have lose time keeping
  • You are too a “yes” man/woman
  • You’re looking for a corporate scenario to melt into the background

You should apply for this job if

  • You want to work in a family atmosphere
  • Be at the heart of the action and drive a business forward
  • Be around productivity obsessed people
  • You find working with large FTSE 250 companies one minute and SMEs the next minute exciting and challenging
  • You enjoy ticking things off a list

Extra Brownie Points

  • If you have any social media experience
  • You have worked at an SEO agency/media agency before

How to Apply

Email [email protected] with a link to your Linked In profile and a paragraph about why you want to work with Type A.